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Thyroid Surgeon in Mumbai, India

Thyroid Surgery by Dr. Shirish Bhagvat

Thyroid surgery is used to treat thyroid related problems like Thyroid Nodules, Thyroid Cancer or hyperthyroidism. During the procedure, a small part or the entire thyroid is removed.

Procedure of thyroid surgery in India

During the surgery, a small incision is made into the skin. The tissues and the muscles are pulled aside in order to expose the thyroid gland. A small part or the entire gland is carefully removed through the cut. The Thyroid surgeon needs to be careful not to damage the blood vessels and nerves in your neck. A small tube (catheter) may be placed into the area to help drain blood and other fluids that build up. The drain will be removed in 1 or 2 days. The cuts are hen closed with sutures.

Why It Is Done?

Surgery is used to treat thyroid problems if:

• If you are suspected with Thyroid cancer or suffering from the same

• A benign nodule is causing problem with breathing and swallowing

• A fluid-filled (cystic) nodule returns after being drained once or twice

• When hyperthyroidism cannot be treated with medicines only

A typical surgery might take up to 4 hours for completion and can take less time if only a small part of the thyroid is to be made.

Reasons for Thyroid Surgery

The most common symptoms of Thyroid surgery is the presence of tumors or nodule within the thyroid glands. Most of the nodules are benign, but some of them can be pre-cancerous or cancerous in nature. Even sometimes the benign nodules can cause problems if they grow up large enough to obstruct the throat working. Sometimes they stimulate to overproduce hormones, a condition called as hyperthyroidism.

Surgery by professional can cure hyperthyroidism. It is usually a result of the autoimmune disorder known as Grave disease. Another common reason for thyroid surgery is enlargement or swelling of the thyroid gland. It is referred to as Goiter. Like large nodules, goiters can block the throat and interfere with eating, speaking, and breathing.

The usual cost of the Thyroid surgery in India depends on one surgeon to another, based on their expertise, hospital expenditures and others. It also depends on the level of disease you currently are and want to get removed. Get the best prices and surgery by Dr. Shirish Bhagvat and get the benefits of his expertise and experience in conducting successful surgeries.

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